Top 7 PDF to Word Conversion Software for Windows


When some people hear of a PDF to Word converter to download, all that comes to mind is a software to install on their PC. However, this is not the case nowadays. More and more professionals are conducting their tasks online. Therefore, there are some PDF to Microsoft Word conversion tools to take advantage of.

One of the reasons for using an online tool compared to an installed software is space saving. You never have to worry about which folder you have the PDF document in. All you need to do is upload the PDF documents online and convert them.

Even though we won’t solely focus on online PDF to Doc tools, there are some which also have the best support with cloud services. The integration ensures that you have a proper back-up to all the files that you’ve converted. More so, with cloud support, you can access all the Word documents or even add PDF documents to convert later.


Free Online OCR


When converting PDF to Microsoft Word, you need software that recognizes multiple languages. With Free Online OCR, you’re able to take advantage of Optical Character Recognition. This ascertains that you can convert PDFs from the supported 46 languages. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the language of the PDF.

The advantage of online software is the space you get to save. With Free Online OCR, you don’t have to install it. Therefore, you’ll be able to convert PDF documents to an editable Word format. One of the limitations of using online software will also be the size. With Free Online OCR, you have only to upload 15mb documents.

Anything above that cannot be converted to Word. On the other hand, you get to enjoy free software. Even with the limitations, there are several software which will match these services. Its simple to use and the interface is friendly. Free Online OCR can be used by any professional even someone who’s never used it before.


Solid Documents

SolidDocuments pdf_3

In the current PDF conversion market, OCR is efficient. Therefore, no matter the software you’re considering, you need to ascertain that it supports OCR. Solid documents aren’t any different. The support for OCR ensures that you can scan a PDF online and have it converted to a Word document immediately. Therefore, you can easily edit the document and make any changes.

Besides this, Solid Documents has a variety of options for each user. The cheapest version is $39.95 while the most expensive is $149.95. It will all be determined by your liking. The cheapest version supports the basic PDF to Word conversions. Therefore, if you only need the barebones features, this version will serve you well.

The reason as to why you might choose the expensive version is to take advantage of OCR. However, if you’re not focused on OCR, you can choose the $40 version, and you’re good. More so, Solid Documents supports batch conversion. Therefore, you’ll be able to easily convert PDF to Docx documents in no time and also choose the specific pages which you’d like to retain.


PDF Hero


For any PDF to Word converter, you need to consider the features matter. PDF Hero stands out from the rest by supporting all Microsoft Office formats. PDF to Microsoft Word conversion makes it easier for professionals to edit, delete and add any information. PDF Hero carries forward the fonts from the PDF document. Therefore, if you wanted to retain them after conversion, this won’t be an issue.

Likewise, since its an online software, you don’t have to worry about installing it as well. You have a simple interface which has a Home section, My Files, and the conversion options. Under My Files section, you’re able to keep tabs of all the conversions which you’ve done. You don’t necessarily have to log in. More so, besides selecting files from your PC, you can also insert a link.

Using a link means that you can opt out of any files occupying space on your PC. Therefore, you can always be able to upload your documents and save them on your cloud storage. Even though the software lacks the cloud storage log in options, you can use other services from Google, OneDrive or Dropbox.



FM PDF converter_3

FM PDF is focused on ensuring that everyone’s contented. There’s both free and professional PDF to Word software. Through this, you’re able to attain PDF to Doc conversion features. Depending on the one you choose, you’ll be able to have a Word document in the long run. For the free versions, you’re able to convert from any environment without any hassle.

That is, after downloading the software, you have unlimited access to PDF to Doc conversion. The free version also has support for some older versions of Windows like Windows XP. All the latest versions are supported as well. More so, another reason for choosing the free version is the ability to decode multiple languages. Therefore, you can translate PDF to any language that you’d like and later convert it to Word.

For the professional version, you get the ability of batch processing, which means that you can convert multiple PDF documents to Word and even choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert. More so, you’ll have a better means of viewing each PDF page and determine what it is that you’d like to change. The support for multi-page PDFs allows you to skim through a PDF before converting to Word.




Professionals are conducting their businesses online nowadays. With an online PDF to Word converter, it makes your work easier. More so, you get to be more efficient. PDF2WORD is online software that’s ideal for all professionals. The tool allows you to not only convert the documents but also unlock, merge, and edit PDF documents in Word format.

PDF2WORD is simple to use. The website has precise instructions as to how you need to convert your PDF documents. One of the things that make PDF2WORD unique is the ability to select up to 20 PDF documents. Batch conversion makes it easier to ensure that documents are swiftly converted. Besides, you’ll save some time. Converting these files ensures that you can save some space on your PC.

When converting, you have some options available to you. The first is protection, which means that you can ensure that the Word document will be properly secured. On the other hand, you can opt to add footers and headers to the converted document. It makes your document more unique. As of the layout, you can change the entire layout of the PDF once you’ve converted it to Word.





One of the reasons why people convert PDF to Word is for the ease of editing. Having an online tool that takes care of all the conversion online without using your resources is ideal. Smallpdf aims towards ensuring that you have a great time while surfing the website. The PDF to Microsoft Word support allows you to not only convert the documents you might like for free but also convert them back to PDF after editing.

Therefore, you’ll be able to sign the documents online and protect them using passwords. Smallpdf has cloud support with both Google Drive and Dropbox. Therefore, you don’t need to use any space on your Windows PC. You also can opt to compress documents to save some space online. With Smallpdf, you’ll be able to upload the PDF swiftly and convert it to Word which will later be downloaded to your preferred platform.

Since the conversion process isn’t easy, Smallpdf partners with Solid Documents to provide the best experience. To ensure that all your documents are safe, they’re automatically deleted from the servers after an hour. Therefore, this is ideal for businesses since they can convert any documents and have them deleted afterward. The downloaded documents will last as long as you like.


TalkHelper PDF Converter


Unlike most of the PDF to Docx tools discussed above, TalkHelper requires you to install it on your PC. One of the advantages of having the software installed is that you can convert PDF documents even when you’re not online. Therefore, if you’re skeptical about the internet, this might be an ideal solution to ensuring that you have a smooth PDF to Word conversion process.

Besides this, you should consider TalkHelper because it also has cloud support. This allows you to connect an account and download any PDF documents that you might have online. After conversion, you can also upload the Word documents. More so, after editing, you can recheck the documents to ensure that they’re grammatically correct and that they abide by the formatting that you want.

On the other hand, you’re able to convert PDF documents in batches. Through this, you can choose the pages that you’d like to convert to Word. With the simple UI, you’ll also be able to determine some of the places that you’d like to save to converted document. Having a dedicated folder makes it easy for you to navigate in your PC.